About Controlled Interfaces

We are a small business startup company of US engineers with unique multidisciplinary experience which we apply to cyber security, cyber risk management, and IT operations. We created a new optical one-way information flow control technology that does not require specialized electronics. Instead, we use optical fibers to connect Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) electronics in novel ways.

Our staff has decades of experience in cyber security. We specialize in Cross Domain Solutions, hardening of Critical Infrastructures, and related technologies. While we are a new startup, we know the methods, the applications, the players, and the regulators.

If your operations require the most stringent security controls at your network boundaries, we can help.

About the Founder

Jeffrey Menoher founded Controlled Interfaces after ten years designing and risk-assessing Cross Domain Solution (CDS) systems and other network boundary protection systems for US government customers in the Department of Defense.

Controlled Interfaces technology and support services evolved from Jeffrey Menoher's previous experience working with the US National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO, formerly UCDMO) and US government laboratories specializing in cyber security risk assessment. Jeffrey Menoher has an additional twenty years experience in industrial control and telecommunications.