Data Diode Hardware Products

To support deployment of data diode products, Controlled Interfaces provides services in cyber risk assessment, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Controlled Interfaces core product is the Data Diode optical fiber assembly that creates a one-way data link between Commercial Off The Shelf optical network interfaces. CI data diode optical hardware products are differentiated by:

Data Diode Logical Interfacing Products

Data Diode interfacing software components are differentiated by:

Depending on specific mission use case requirements, specialized software may or may not be required; simple diode data flows may be implemented using IP routing and firewall functions included with standard Operating System distributions.

Data Diode Appliance Products

Appliance products may be built up from optical, software, and platform components at customer request; including isolated Pitcher and Catcher platforms linked by diode optical fibers and packaged in an enclosure. Appliance products are differentiated by: